Tough Start for the Busch Brothers in 2012

By Caleb Slouha

We all know Kyle and Kurt Busch are great drivers, so why have they been having so many issues on the track. Both brothers have either been involved in incidents, or just haven’t had the speed. Kyle Busch, who drives for Joe Gibbs Racing, is currently sitting in 14th place in points. His brother Kurt, who drives for Phoenix Racing, is 26th in points.

And no, their luck isn’t running out. They don’t need luck. They are great drivers. But look at it this way…….

Kurt Busch got fired, or “mutually parted” from Penske Racing because of his anger, and attitude. BUT, he won races and finished well.

Kyle Busch, on the other hand let his emotions get in the way all of the 2011 season, getting in several fights with those including Kevin Harvick, and Ron Hornaday. Then he was put on probation. And I got to say, both brothers have been doing really well to keep calm with their problems so far this season… far, I say.

So could their problems on the track be because they are trying to keep their emotion out of racing? After all, it’s not like them to not be a contender almost every week, but being good may put them in a hole.


Now, I don’t see either driver quitting/being fired from their team, at least not this year. But, for fun, what would happen if both brothers were left without a NASCAR ride?

1. Kyle Busch Motorsports-Β Already exists, but would they have enough money/success to keep it up? KBM has also been struggling with the 2 drivers as the pilots.

2. Dodge-Β After Penske leaves this year, Dodge will no longer be a part of NASCAR’s biggest series, and will desperately be looking for teams/drivers to be a part of.

3. Trucks- If all else fails, you know some owner in the truck series for sure would hire them.

But those are only last choices, and nobody knows for sure what will happen to them.


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