Sprint Cup Banquet to Returns to Las Vegas

Via Nascar.com

Announced today that the Sprint Cup Series will return to Las Vegas for the champions banquet following the season in December. The banquet has been held in Las Vegas since 2009. After the move from the banquets long time home in New York City, the location of Las Vegas, Nevada gave Nascar the perfect opportunity to make the banquet events leading up to the banquet more fan friendly. The location at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas allowed Nascar to invite a limited number of fans to attend the banquet.

Nascar also announced that it will have the year-end banquet in Las Vegas for the next three years. Nascar CMO Steve Phelps said “Experience tells us that Las Vegas creates the perfect backdrop for our sport and our fans to join us in celebrating a Nascar Sprint Cup Championship.” The party like atmosphere is Vegas is what intrigues Nascar in returning as well. A full lineup of activity during Nascar Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Week will be announced later this season. Some interesting events from last season’s Championship Week included Jeff Gordon showing off his break-dancing skills during the “After The Lap 2011” event that allowed fans to learn more about each driver. This December Nascar is sure to put on a show during the Champion’s Week celebration and will crown a new champion.


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