Roush-Fenway to Announce Kenseth Number and Sponsor Change Monday


By Caleb Slouha

This years Daytona 500 champion got a new look this year. At the end of 2011, there was no sponsor lined up for driver of the number 17, Matt Kenseth. Many deals came together, and for 9 races Best Buy was signed to be a primary sponsor. Zest was also signed as a sponsor.

Now that 9 races have come and gone, what comes next for Matt? Jack Roushย announced that on Monday, an announcement will be made at the Nascar Hall of Fame about a multi-year sponsor. That not the only thing that’s going to change. Roushย also said they will be announcing a number change as well. What can be made of this? Kensethย has been the number 17 ever since he joined Roush in 2000. He also earned 21 victories with that number 17, a championship, and this year’s Daytona 500.

So what is the new number? Why are they changing it? What are they changing it too? All these will have to be answered Monday. Here are some of the idea’s of the fans:

-Bring back the number 6
-Bring back the number 60
-Have the sponsor be “Heinz” and the number 57
-Have the sponsor be “Motel 6” with the number 6

Not sure if any of these will make it, but we will keep you updated right here!


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