Turn4RacingNews.com Changes Phase 2

Photo designed by @gman1439

Hey y’all! Turn4RacingNews.com phase 2 changes are up on the blog! If your reading this right now you’ve probably already noticed the design change. This design features all the same features as the previous one did except the side bar is on the right instead of the left. The search bar is the white box inside the orange box on top of the right column.

Our second new change is we’ve added a “Twitter Page.” Currently the page features NASCAR people you should follow and my favorite tweets of the week! I’ve chosen five tweets from the past week and put them on the page for all of you to look at it. If you have any suggestions to better improve the twitter page, feel free to comment on any articles!

The third change is the addition of weekly columns by three different writers. On Monday’s we’ll have “All-Access with Alanis.” She’s our new columnist and you can check out her bio under the “About/Contact Us” page. Her column will feature a smaller headline from the Sprint Cup Race from the past weekend. Our next column called “Taking the Checker” is going to be featured on Tuesday’s and it will be written by Tyson. He’ll give you a little more depth about the past weekends’ winners’Β season so far! The third column is called ‘Driver Stocks” and it’ll be written by Caleb on Wednesday’s and he’ll be talking about drivers that did well, are ding well andΒ what you might expect from those drivers that are having bad luck or bad runs and what to expect of them.

My goal of these changes is to keep you the fans better informed of everything happening in the NASCAR world! Throughout this summer expect better updates and more in-depth information. Please continue reading the site and check out all the new features!

Thanks for reading,



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