Keselowski: All out for the Championship

Photo- Getty Images

Brad Keselowski has his best shot at a Sprint Cup Series Championship this year. He has run well almost every race and has accounted for three wins. I know its ten weeks until the Chase starts but Keselowski is already a championship threat. Three wins before the halfway mark of the season is an incredible stat. He won on three completely different tracks which show his driving ability. He won at Bristol, Talladega and Kentucky. The only thing similar about those tracks is that they have four turns.

Keselowski has more drive than ever to go after the championship. He has a great team, in Penske Racing, to back him up, which will help him come Chase time. Three years ago we weren’t even discussing Keselowski as a threat to win a race but he won Talladega in 2009 and that got his name on the map. After that win, things just got better for Brad. The next season he signed with Penske Racing, Keselowski didn’t do much that year but he started running well the next year. For 2011, Penske moved Kurt Busch to the No.22 and that opened the door for Keselowski to move into the famous blue deuce.

In 2011, Keselowski won three races and made his way into the Chase. He had a very strong chase but he didn’t come home with the championship. However, he finished a very strong fifth in the final championship standings. This year Keselowski caught fire early and is still riding on the fire halfway through the season. Winning races before the championship is very important and it shows you’re a true threat for the championship. Winning races before the chase starts gets you bonus points to start high in the chase and it almost guarantees you a spot in the Chase.

Brad Keselowski is doing everything he needs to now to improve his chances at winning his first Sprint Cup Series Championship. He has more drive than ever to go after the championship and nothing to worry about regarding mistakes. If Keselowski keeps this up, in Homestead we’ll be talking about his chances at taking home the championship.

By Jason Schultz


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