Driver Stocks: Championship Contenders after Daytona

Photo- Getty Images

Daytona is hard to predict when it comes to outcomes. Some people however, just have the Daytona touch. The legends such as the late Dale Earnhardt can pull off many great finishes at Daytona; Tony Stewart, being one of them. Last week Stewart was on the bad list. Where is he this week?  Let’s start at the people who still are having problems.

3) Clint Bowyer- Clint had trouble at Daytona, and fell three places in the points. He is now tenth in the points, and has a chance at falling out. With only one win, he has a chance at not being a recipient of the wild card if he falls out. Clint needs to try and stay above water in the top-ten in points.

2) Kasey Kahne- Kasey fell two places after Daytona, and he is getting farther and farther away from the three other people outside the top-ten with a win. Kahne needs more consistency, and more wins, which is still possible. It is also possible for the others trying for a wild card spot as well.

1) AJ Allmendinger- No doubt, he is in the most trouble this week, and might be for the next few weeks. Allmendinger failed NASCAR’s random drug test. Now, he is suspended, under fire, and this may not get sorted out very soon. It has lost fan respect to many, and if Allmendinger returns, this can be a huge burden on him. With Allmendinger missing races, his shot at a chase is very slim.

Now let’s take a look at the driver’s with momentum coming out of Daytona and going into New Hampshire.

3) Brad Keselowski- Brad finished 8th at Daytona, a personal best for him. This describes his overall season. Keselowski has the momentum, see what he can do with it.

2) Joey Logano- Being on a contract year, Logano needs a good year. He has been inconsistent, but you have to agree he has had a decent and better year this year. After Daytona, he moved up two spots in the standings, and now holds the second wild card position, but he isn’t fully in the clear of it yet.

1) Tony Stewart- Remember when Tony won half of the chase races? Well he’s doing much better this year, and with his win at Daytona, he moved up four spots in the standings. He is now tied for the most wins on the season with Brad Keselowski, both have three. Stewart has a good shot at the championship this year, and a good chance at winning the race this weekend at New Hampshire.

By Caleb Slouha


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