Timmy Hill: A Life in the Fast Lane

Timmy Hill Photo- Getty Images

Timmy Hill has had a life full of SPEED his entire life. He’s been around racing since he can remember. He followed in his dad, Jerry’s footsteps by becoming a professional race car driver. Hill races full-time in the NASCAR Nationwide Series for Rick Ware Racing, the self-proclaimed “biggest little team in professional motorsports.” In just 13 races this year, Hill has a total of two top 10’s this year, both of them at Daytona. Hill even had an 11th place finish at Road America last year before winning the Rookie of the Year title.

I recently got to have a talk with Timmy Hill and got to learn about his career in racing.

Hill started racing young like most racers.

“I started racing at the age of 10 driving go karts. I drove in the Jr. Champ class. I also raced at our local track (King George Speedway) in King George, VA. In the following years, I moved up the ranks going through Bandolero Cars, Legend Cars, and Allison Legacy cars.”

Hill grew up in a small town in Maryland called Port Tobacco. Port Tobacco is a town with a population of just over 15 people! Apparently living in a small town in Maryland didn’t make his racing career any more difficult.

“Growing up in Maryland wasn’t too difficult for my racing career. The hardest part was the drive down to NC every race. After moving up into the Legends and Allison Legacy, all the competition and good racing was in NC so to further my career, we just had to do a little driving to get to the tracks but that’s the only thing. So to answer your question, it wasn’t all that difficult.”

Every racer has had that one person (or more) that really had an effect on their racing career. I asked Timmy who his was. Assuming his was his dad Jerry, a former Sprint Cup driver, I asked him who his racing hero was other than a family member.

“I am young enough to be able to watch Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards growing up. I always respected those guys for the job they do on and off the track. I love their winning attitude and their drive in life. They do everything in this sport the right way.”

Timmy Hill has done quite a bit in his short NASCAR career. He has two top 10’s in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in just over 40 starts, one NASCAR Sprint Cup start this year at Las Vegas and a rookie of the year title so I was really compelled to ask him what he felt his greatest racing accomplishment is and he had a really interesting answer.

“I truly treasure every moment of my career! But I will say winning rookie of the year in the Nationwide series is at the top! That was a hard fought battle all year long and that is a reward that shows for a WHOLE season of hard work! It shows consistency and the whole package. That was truly the happiest moment of my career!”

Every driver has an on-track rival, right? Well I guess we’ll find out who Timmy has as a rival…

“I would have to say Jeremy Clements is the guy who I like to go out and try to beat! He is not a rival but a good friend but we have this friendly battle between us and I always like to try and show him up lol.”

I think a fun question to ask any driver would have to be if they could add and/or replace a race on the schedule, what they would choose. Timmy had another interesting and wise response.

“If I had control of what tracks were on the schedule, I would put short tracks, road courses, and all the tracks that take the most driver skill to turn the fastest laps! I would take off any track that gets cars spread out where there is no side by side racing.”

The race at Daytona just the weekend before New Hampshire was a good one for Hill. He got his second career top 10 finish of 9th. However, Timmy didn’t get to work with his usual crew chief George Church as he was with Jeffrey Earnhardt so Jeff Spraker stepped in. I wanted to know what the change was like for Timmy.

“It wasn’t too difficult actually working with a new crew chief, but the chemistry between us wasn’t there like it is between George and I. With having the same driver/crew chief combo every race, you just get a bond and everything normally runs smoother and the changes you make are better because George knows what I want.”

The most hard-hitting question I asked Timmy was who the better racer is. His dad Jerry, a former NASCAR driver, his younger brother Tyler who is a Legends racer or Timmy himself!

“As any racer I would have to say myself lol. But it would be really cool if we could all get in a car and get out here and find the real answer out, but I have a feeling that I would win!”

You guys can all watch Timmy Hill in action on Sunday at Chicagoland Speedway and every NASCAR Nationwide Series race driving the #41 Poynt.com/Rick Ware Racing Ford Mustang alongside his multiple teammates which includes Blake Koch, Carl Long, Matt Carter and many others. You can also follow Timmy on twitter at @TimmyHillRacer and his team@RickWareRacing.

By Tyson Lautenschlager


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