Driver Stocks: Championship Contenders after New Hampshire

Photo- Getty Images

We are back again this week, and the picks were more challenging this week. Kasey Kahne is getting wins where it counts and he is a strong contender to get into the Chase this year. So let’s see who needs a little more help after New Hampshire.

Below are the drivers in the danger zone of falling out of championship and Chase contention.

3) Kyle Busch- Busch isn’t out of it yet. However, he needs to watch to make sure that Ryan Newman doesn’t get more wins or pass him in the points. Busch has had a rough year, but he has done very well with it.

2) Joey Logano- A couple weeks ago, Logano had a wildcard spot. The chance that others in the wildcard hunt get more wins? It’s pretty good. This is just one thing Logano has trouble with. He needs to buckle down and get a few wins to be in the Chase.

1) Carl Edwards- As of right now, there is no Chase list with Carl Edwards’ name on it. Now, with a new crew chief coming in, this could make things even rougher on the team. There is no win in sight for the team, but they could pull one off and take a wild card for being 11th in points.

After all of this, who is on the up side? Let’s take a look and the three with the most momentum heading to Indianapolis.

3) Denny Hamlin- Hamlin has had a roller coaster season. Even with all of the mistakes and bad luck, he finds himself fifth in the standings with two wins. He finished second last weekend at New Hampshire and will be a good championship contender with a little more consistency.

2) Kasey Kahne- If anybody would have told me that just 3 races after the midway point Kahne would be twelfth in the standings, I would have called you crazy. It’s hard to even believe how bad his season started. With two wins, he has a good chance at the Chase as long as he keeps consistent.

1) Jeff Gordon- Who needs wins more than four-time Championship winner Jeff Gordon? Gordon no doubt is putting together better finishes than he was at the beginning of the year. More top-5 and top-10, but he still needs a win. We always say that Gordon can win at almost every track, but Indianapolis stands out in the list. Jeff Gordon knows how to win; can he do it next week?

See how these drivers and your drivers do after a week off then a race at Indianapolis and we will see you next Wednesday for more driver stocks. Please comment and share your opinions!



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