All-Access with Alanis: Junior Nation- Finally Getting Results they Deserve?

Photo- Getty Images

The 2012 NASCAR season has been a triumphant year for Dale Jr. as well as Junior Nation, scoring their first Sprint Cup win since the 2008 Lifelock 400 at Michigan, as well as their first points lead since September 19, 2004. Even though Jr’s career had quite a dry spell where wins are considered, his die-hard fans stood beside him and this NASCAR season seems to be rewarding them, as well as the driver, very generously.

As of New Hampshire, Jr. had an average Cup finish of 8.3 so far this season, compared to 14.3 at the end of 2011. His average finish is second only to the previous point’s leader, Matt Kenseth, with an average finish of 7.7. Some NASCAR fans on social media sites, such as Twitter, exaggerate Junior Nation’s reactions to his success this season.

But based on stats… is the idea of Jr. finishing well, or even winning a championship that far-fetched? Whether Dale Jr. runs well or not, his fan base is beside him… whether he wins or loses. Junior Nation deserves a substantial amount of credit, and maybe even a Cup Series championship.

By Alanis King

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