Driver Stocks: Championship Contenders after Michigan

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The point’s battle is tightening up, and some championship hopes are coming to an end. With these final races, is anybody in the top-20 really out of the Chase yet?

Some drivers have a chance that’s unrealistic and becoming farther and farther away. Here are there top-three drivers that need major luck in the next three races.

3) Carl Edwards- Everybody is still waiting for that random trip to victory lane. Unfortunately, it hasn’t come yet. The team’s performance is getting better, and the finishes are showing it. As of now, though, he only needs wins. The team just doesn’t have it in them right now. His chances are really good at Atlanta and Richmond, and he might be a late entry for the Chase.

2) Kevin Harvick- Harvick is not quite locked in the Chase, but he’s 7th in the points. There isn’t a huge chance of him falling out, but can they be a contender for the championship? After all, they haven’t been fast enough or close enough to win. Harvick posted on Twitter right after the race, “Fun meter is at an all-time low.” Something needed to be done, and something did. Shane Wilson, Harvick’s old crew chief is back with him now. Can he make a move and lock himself in and make himself a championship contender? We’ll soon find out.

1) Joey Logano – A couple weeks ago, it looked like Logano had the wild card spot down. Then, some bad luck, bad runs, and bad sportsmanship was shown and Logano finds himself hoping he can get back to victory lane. This might include some revenge at Bristol, however.

So after Michigan, who’s looking like a good fantasy pick the next couple of weeks? These guys might not be championship material, but they are on a roll.

3) Marcos Ambrose- After a spectacular Watkins Glen finish, and win, Ambrose is keeping up the momentum he’s had in recent weeks. If he can get another win, he would be in contention for a wild card spot. You never know when the Tasmanian could pull into Victory Lane in the last three races.

2) Brad Keselowski- Whether he becomes a championship contender in the Chase or not, he has had a great year. What makes him a great fantasy pick? Well in his last seven starts, his worst finish is ninth. This includes a win, and three top-two’s. We are also heading to Bristol, a place Keselowski has gotten to know very well the last three trips.

1) Kasey Kahne- Why pick him? Well if you think about where the first half of his year was its ugly. Then things started to pick up, and Kahne has jumped up to eleventh in the standings. He has two wins, helping him with a wildcard spot also. Kahne was also running second when he got spun out during the Michigan race. He came back to finish third.  Which is a great comeback to have, and is championship material. Hendrick engines do throw a red flag when we head to Atlanta, and he needs to be careful and finish well the next three races.

It will all come down to Richmond, who’s in, and who’s out. Who will win in the next three races? Here are some drivers to look out for:

Jimmie Johnson

Kasey Kahne

Marcos Ambrose

Kyle Busch

Carl Edwards

By Caleb Slouha


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