Off to Bristol

One of the best weekends of the year has arrived. Bristol Race Weekend. For the first time this year, I’ll be apart of the race weekend. I get to get up at three in the morning tomorrow and catch a flight to Bristol. This means unless something super important happens, I won’t be posting any race info this weekend. If you follow me on twitter (@Nascar_Jas0n_) orΒ Β you will be following along on my journey in Bristol.

I am also going to Charlotte, North Carolina (the home of NASCAR) to see everything the queen city has to offer. Once I get back I’ll be posting different articles, photos and videos of my whole NASCAR experience. With Bristol’s revamped surface we should see a great show all week. Always remember It’s Bristol Baby! And everything that could, will happen. The race should be incredible so you should check it out Saturday Night on ABC or witness history at Bristol Motor Speedway by calling 855-888-8545 and ordering your tickets! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @Nascar_Jason_ and I’ll be back next Tuesday!

Enjoy the race weekend!

Turn 4 Racing News CEO/Lead Writer,

Jason Schultz


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