All-Access with Alanis: Bringing It Down to the Wire

Photo- Getty Images

Since NASCAR’s introduction of the Wild Card Chase spots last year, the competition for the last two spots in NASCAR’s playoffs has been quite a nail-biter. Going into the last race of the regular season, the contenders for the Wild Card spot have no time to spare, due to the win-or-miss-the-Chase scenario that the new rules have created. Several drivers, including big names like Kyle Busch and Jeff Gordon, will be fighting it out till the end of next week’s Cup race… and hoping the other won’t reign victorious.
Unlike years past, the Wild Card causes fans to not only cheer for their driver, but to cheer for any driver that will beat their driver’s Wild Card opponent to the checkered flag. In cases like tonight, fans of Jeff Gordon were desperate for him to win, whereas fans of Kyle Busch were desperate for Denny Hamlin to win. Strange, right? Under the old rules, Gordon would only gain a small amount of ground on Busch for winning, but under the new rules, a win decides who makes the playoffs.

Leading into the Chase, the Wild Card not only produces anxiety for fans of drivers on the verge of losing the spot, but it also produces some mixed emotions as to who fans will cheer for.
Love it or hate it, the Wild Card spots create a lot of drama as NASCAR’s regular season comes to a close. With some very popular, and controversial, drivers battling it out for the spots, fans will be adamant in cheering on even the drivers they don’t like, if that driver decides who gets the Chase spot. No doubt about it, those spots will be a fight to the checkered, and the Wild Card will produce some dicey racing next Saturday night at Richmond.


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