Driver Stocks: Wild Card Edition

Carl Edwards’s team pushes his car after having issues last week in Atlanta. Any driver could experience troubles this weekend in Richmond. Photo- Getty Images

With only one race left before the Chase, some teams are scrambling. Some drivers in the top-ten even have to worry about falling out. Who is safe?

The only driver that could fall out of the top-ten would be Tony Stewart. If Tony Stewart falls out, he is still in the Chase somehow because of his three wins.

Right now Kasey Kahne and Kyle Busch hold the wild card spots. Kahne is the only driver outside the top-ten with two wins, and with that he is a solid lock for the Chase. The last wild card however can still be tampered with. Gordon is behind Busch by just twelve points. Busch is great at Richmond, but if he has bad luck like the rest of the season, he may just have to give it up. If either Gordon or Busch wins this weekend, they will lock themselves into the Chase.

Carl Edwards is on edge and could possibly make some noise if Busch were to get a bad finish and Edwards were to win. However, Edwards needs 26 points which is hard to gain in one race.

If Joey Logano, Marcos Ambrose, Ryan Newman win this weekend? Well, whichever one of them that wins would be in the Chase. All three have one win, and even though they are 16th-18th in points, another win would secure a wild card spot in the Chase.

Many different scenarios’ are to be worked out. Your team will have to earn their spot in the Chase. You will have to gamble. Lead a lap, get a point. They all count. Lead the most laps and get more points. Winning is the key factor, and with forty-two other drivers trying to do the same thing as you, it’s not easy.

Just because you need a win, doesn’t mean luck will be on your side or that you can pull off a win. What other drivers do and don’t do will play in to your results. The second wildcard might just come down to the last lap. With six drivers wanting to taste victory as much as you do, you will have to earn it.

By Caleb Slouha


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