Driver Stocks: Championship Contenders after Dover

Photo- Getty Images

Round three of the Chase has come and gone, and we have our first repeat winner. This race at Dover has shown that it isn’t always the fastest driver that wins the race. Maybe it shouldn’t always be that way too. The championship doesn’t just go to the driver, but goes to the team, the crew chief, and the owner. The team and crew chief are a major part of winning, and it seems fair they deserve the credit for their hard work. Who is continuing their momentum in the Chase? Can anybody be counted out?

Brad Keselowski- Proving anybody and everybody wrong, Keselowski has become a powerhouse. With a previous best finish of twelfth at Dover, he ran in the top-ten all day and ended up using smarts to win the race. Being able to overcome what is handed to you in the race car will certainly help you claim the trophy. Keselowski overcame fuel strategy and a broken jack to win the race. One of his toughest problems to face will be beating Jimmie Johnson and continue to finish well without any problems.

Jimmie Johnson- Even though this team has had its ups and downs, they are still second in the points. A lot of signs point to Johnson winning the trophy. For instance, any time he has won at Indianapolis he goes on to win the championship. Another fact is, he has five championships. Johnson is a great driver in fast equipment, and could take the Chase by storm. Right now, I am a little worried about his confidence level. For some reason when being interviewed before the Dover race, Johnson wasn’t so sure he could go out and get the win. Maybe this is just me, but we will see if he can go on a tear and win the championship.

Denny Hamlin- Hamlin has also been finishing better than where his previous results show. Even with having fuel issues, he hasn’t lost many points and is still very much in the hunt. Hamlin has random winning streaks this year, and if he hits one in the next few races, Hamlin could be unbeatable. People have given him a lot of credit for maturing and for being a better person this year. We are starting to see some of his old self come back, and people get inside his head. Growing more frustrated, Hamlin even posted a tweet on Twitter saying “Fuel Mileage… Lol.”

Going into Talladega, anyone can crash, and anybody can win. Rightfully so, we cannot count anyone out of the Chase. Brad Keselowski could crash and Jeff Gordon win the race. This race is a very questionable one and makes a major twist in the Chase for the championship. Tune into the race this weekend to find out who can remain atop the standings.

By Caleb Slouha


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