Samantha Busch Wins “Racing 4 Awareness” T-Shirt Design Contest

Photo via @ToyotaRacing

Following weeks of voting by fans, Toyota Racing announced the winner of the ‘Racing 4 Awareness’ t-shirt design contest. The winner of the contest is Kyle Busch’s wife, Samantha Busch. Samantha Busch designed the t-shirt in the photo to the left and after weeks of voting by fans, her design was announced the winner.Samantha’s design is a very simple and nice looking one. The ribbon on the t-shirt says “Racing for Awareness” and the ribbon is supposed to represent a race track Samantha told me. Samantha beat out other great designs by other driver’s family members including Sherry Pollex (Girlfriend of Martin Truex Jr), Jordan Fish (girlfriend of Denny Hamlin) and Lorra Podsiadlo (Girlfriend of Clint Bowyer).

The contest’s original goal was to continue to spread awareness about breast cancer and all other forms of cancer. October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and throughout this month, you’ll see many NASCAR teams representing pink gear, pink cars and more pink items. This contest was very special to many people affected by breast cancer and Samantha Busch hopes her shirt puts out more awareness for the disease.

Samantha’s shirt design is now for sale and you can pick it up at the Toyota Racing Pit Pass area at any of the tracks remaining on the schedule this season. You can also purchase the shirt at . Toyota Racing hoped to spread awareness with this contest and they did. Samantha Busch hopes everyone will be wearing her shirt at the remainder of the races this season. Be sure to buy your shirt today!




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