All-Access with Alanis: The Unclear Future of the SPEED Channel

Lately, FOX’s wavering support of the SPEED Channel has been a topic of discussion in the media. I for one, was completely shocked by the news that FOX wants to make SPEED into an all-sports network called FOX Sports One.

It has been stated that FOX will possibly move SPEED to a channel that is broadcasted in fewer homes, which is not the worst possible outcome, but it is certainly not the best. Though this transition to an all-sports channel may benefit FOX, it will be a great inconvenience to NASCAR fans.

What happens to the fans who don’t receive SPEED’s new channel, if one is created? The loss of access to their TV programs can be compensated for, especially with access to online records of programs.

But what about the broadcasts of live racing such as the Camping World Truck series?
Broadcasts of prerecorded programs such as the K&N races can be dealt with in the same way that the TV programs can, because fans who watch those races are accustomed to knowing the outcome while watching, since it’s never live anyway. But the thing that worries me the most is the loss of live Camping World Truck Series races for people who may not have this new channel.

The Camping World Truck Series, though highly entertaining, already dwindles in fan attendance at the races. If FOX chooses to move the SPEED to a less-accessible channel and keep the races on SPEED, the popularity will decline from its current state – that is something that the series cannot afford, and something the fans do not want to see happen.

If FOX chooses to move the SPEED Channel so that FOX can establish its new all-sports channel, the effects of this move will be devastating to not only avid fans, but to the Camping World Truck Series, if nothing is done to make the races available to everyone. NASCAR fans will not appreciate this, and I surely won’t either.

By Alanis King


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