Driver Stocks: Championship Contenders after Kansas

Photo- Getty Images

Last weekend at Kansas we saw a twister of crashes. Cars going everywhere and debris were the cause of many cautions which messed up a lot of positions for the leaders. Jimmie Johnson backed it into the wall, but his crew brought every tool known to man and got a top-ten finish which helped him stay just seven points from points leader Brad Keselowski. Denny Hamlin is now twenty points behind, and this championship isn’t down to just those three cars. Clint Bowyer is only twenty-five points out of the lead and could go on a streak to dominant the final part of the chase. Take a look at the momentum these drivers have these drivers have heading to Martinsville.


Brad Keselowski- The last couple weeks have been frustrating for Keselowski, but he says he hasn’t felt pressure from anyone quite yet. Martinsville is a good track for him, but some incidents haven’t given him the finishes he deserves. With two top-ten’s here he needs to try and stay on the lead lap to finish well and beat the hard charging Jimmie Johnson this weekend.

Jimmie Johnson- While the beginning of the chase was slow for Johnson, he has started to pick it up and while he has not won yet, his team and him have been dominating the consistency charts. The key to victory lane at Martinsville is in Johnson’s hand. This could be where he gets his first victory but he will have lots of competition to beat today to win and gain the points lead.

Denny Hamlin- Hamlin has had a roller chase and hopes that this week he can put fuel aside and get another Martinsville win. He has four wins here along with a dozen top-ten finishes and just like Johnson knows his way around the track. He needs to beat the point’s leaders this weekend and continue his championship run.

Clint Bowyer- Working his butt off to get back into contention, Bowyer has a win in the chase and he is very good at this track and the tracks upcoming and could go on a dominating run in the final part of the Chase to grab the trophy by beating the top teams this year. Will he be able to beat the top drivers in this series?

All of our questions will be answered this weekend while we beat and bang at the paper clip. Could we see many more cautions and some mistakes could set some top competitors back with few races left in the chase.




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