Harvick to Stewart-Hass Racing in 2014

Photo- Getty Images

Multiple sources have confirmed that Kevin Harvick will move to Stewart-Hass Racing in the 2014 season. ESPN first reported today that Harvick will move to SHR for the 2014 season and beyond. Harvick is signed with Richard Childress Racing through the 2013 season so Harvickย likely won’t set foot in a SHR car until the 2014 season.

Sources close to Harvick say that the move to Stewart-Hass Racing is due to the fact that Harvick believes racing for long-time friend Tony Stewart will push him to his max and he will perform best, according to Marty Smith. Harvick would not confirm or deny the rumor but it is said to be true. Sources also say that in 2014, Stewart-Hass Racing hopes to have a four car team with drivers Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Danica Patrick and new addition Kevin Harvick.

A potential driver move reported a year before the move actually takes place is very rare. Kasey Kahne did it in the 2010 season when he announced he was going to be driving for Hendrick Motorsports starting in 2012 . A very rare move was made but if it is confirmed, it will be a historical move.

Harvick and Stewart-Hass Racing will likely hold out on announcing it officially until next season but the sources that confirm the move are very accurate. Lots of details are still needed on the move but those likely won’t be announced until next season. A historical and unsuspected move was made by Harvick and many will agree it could be a great move for Harvick.


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