All-Access with Alanis: “Six Pack” Can Wait

Photo- Getty Images


That’s the key to an exciting competition, is it not? And it’s something that NASCAR, by sheer numbers, has lacked. Given, different drivers have won individual races, but in the end, Johnson has reigned victorious for five of the past six years.

With one race to go, Homestead Miami, Brad Keselowski has a 20-point lead over Five-Time Jimmie Johnson, but Keselowski is anything but safe. As seen today, anything can happen… because surely no one saw Johnson wrecking in one of the final two races of the Chase.

What if the unexpected happens yet again? Though many NASCAR fans are pulling for Johnson to get the name “Six Pack” out of this season, how would a non-NASCAR fan view Johnson taking home another Cup trophy?

The fact of the matter is, if a passive fan, a potential fan, or even a non-fan sees the same person winning again and again, they’ll either believe that the person is a phenomenon or that the rest of the field doesn’t present enough of a challenge. Of course it wouldn’t be a wrong assumption for someone to believe that Johnson is a phenomenal driver, but many will also think that other NASCAR drivers can’t challenge him – which is not a positive inference.

By all means, Jimmie Johnson can win more championships. That’s fine. But six championships in seven years? That ratio is not favorable to NASCAR from an outside perspective. Whether it’s a personal preference for Johnson to win or not, it’s easy to say that Keselowski winning will be more beneficial to the sport.

So this year, let’s keep the phrase “six pack” as a description for a case of Miller Light, rather than a new name for Jimmie Johnson. The latter would definitely shine a bad light on NASCAR drivers other than Johnson, and on NASCAR as a whole.


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