Rumors Swirl for the Truck Series

Photo- Getty Images

As 2013 approaches, more and more information regarding the schedule and driver lineups in the Camping World Truck Series is becoming available. A few rumors were brought up on NASCAR Race Hub by Ray Dunlap Tuesday night including where the trucks could be racing in 2013 and who will be driving which trucks.

A month ago, this rumor seemed farfetched but now it seems like reality. The Camping World Truck Series will be racing on dirt in Eldora for the 2013 season. Multiple media outlets have confirmed the rumor and Eldora seems 95% likely to be on the 2013 schedule. Eldora is a dirt track located in Ohio and is owned by Tony Stewart. Eldora is famous for hosting the Prelude to the Dream yearly. The Prelude to the Dream is an event raced at Eldora by big names cup drivers each year. Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart are among the past winners of the race. NASCAR sent out a few truck teams to test on the track and with the rumors about a race swirling, the test must have went well. Expect an official announcement to be made regarding the race in the next few weeks. The trucks will be racin’ on dirt very soon.

There are more new venues expected to be added to the Truck Series schedule for 2013 including various short tracks and a road course. The Truck Series is starting to expand their schedule and race on different types of tracks to create a schedule only a true champion could conquer.

A rumor brought up by Ray Dunlap on NASCAR Race Hub Tuesday evening was the John Wes Townley will be driving the No.7 Red Horse Racing truck in 2013. Parker Kligerman currently drives that truck but he is expected to move up to the Nationwide Series next season. Townley currently drives the No.09 truck for RAB Racing and if Townley leaves, the No.09 truck will be open for a new driver. Townley hasn’t had the best of luck this season and he has been known for being involved in wrecks. Townley has had decent finishes this season but they are scarce. Townley could improve by driving a higher level truck like the No.7 but a better truck doesn’t always make up for talent.

With all these rumors swirling throughout the Truck Series garage, 2013 should be an exciting season for the Trucks Series. From dirt racing to a road course, the truck schedule is becoming very diverse. A diverse schedule will create a true champion and the fans will like that. Truck Series action will be at an all-time high next season and once Daytona arrives, we will begin one of the greatest Truck season’s of all-time.


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