Brad Keselowski’s Penalty after Phoenix: Good or Excessive

Photo- Getty Images

After all the craziness this past weekend, we expected that there would penalties handed down by NASCAR. What we didn’t think was that Brad Keselowski would receive one of them.

If he was going to receive a penalty, it would be for his post-race interview during the press conference. During this conference, Keselowski rampaged while swearing many times because of the way many of the drivers in the race drove last weekend at Phoenix. Keselowski later did apologize for all the swearing.

While some people thought he should lose points, and what he said should not have been said, I believe he was right on in what he said. The actions we saw at Phoenix were out of control, and even though it was exciting, it was irresponsible and was not racing.

I did not watch the race, but was informed of the actions happening on track and was disappointed by 1- A four time champion’s actions 2- NASCAR official’s actions and 3- How other drivers handled the situation.

But anyway, Keselowski got fined $25,000 and put on probation until the end of the year for having his cell phone in his car. Keselowski has not commented on the situation, and I’m sure doesn’t want it to affect him.

Many people, fans or not, admitted it was ridiculous to see actions taken at this time. Why with only one race left? After all, at Daytona NASCAR said it did not break any rules, and that they encourage social media use.

There was also many times during the season that Keselowski pulled his phone out during a race stoppage. At no time was he given a (public) fine or put on probation. One specific incident was at Richmond. So why all of a sudden was this incident bad?

NASCAR knows Keselowski carries his phone in his car at every race and even admitted why he has it in the car.

Fans also even admitted they appreciate a driver that is so socially involved with the fans, and think that by cutting down on this, could hurt the sport social media wise.

What Keselowski does is bringing a more behind the scenes look at the sport which is racing. It brings fans closer, and they can see what it is like without actually being there. Doing this brought more fans to the sport and could get rid of them.

I’m not sure if any more will become of this, but if it is Keselowski we are talking about, he will find a way.

By Caleb Slouha



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