Driver Stocks: Championship Contenders after Phoenix

Photo- Getty Images

How many of you knew going into Phoenix that Brad Keselowski would have his largest point lead yet when it was all set and done? I certainly didn’t. It looked to be over for Keselowski. After all, Jimmie Johnson practically owns the key the victory lane at Phoenix, and we didn’t know what was in store for the championship.

Jimmie Johnson- It was more than expected for Johnson to be faster than most other drivers and extend his points lead going into the final race. However, this sport changes fast. All weekend Johnson ran behind Keselowski and it looked possible that the points lead would be cut and be extremely close going into the final race of the season. And then with the end of the race in sight, Johnson’s bad car turned worse. A bead in the tire melted and the car went into the wall.

Brad Keselowski- With not enough laps to make up more spots, Keselowski is set up to possibly get his first ever championship. He has run better almost everywhere he has went this year, finishing second to Johnson in his Texas win. Running better at Phoenix, he was able to launch ahead in the standings.

I won’t say to count Johnson out of the championship, but it doesn’t look easy. Just like normal, Brad Keselowski will have to keep working hard in order to get his first championship trophy.

By Caleb Slouha


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