Buescher Wins His First Championship, but Certainly Not His Last

Photo- Getty Images

Four years in the making, James Buescher is finally a Truck Series Champion. Buescher has been competing in the Truck Series for four seasons and after finishing runner-up last season, he has finally finished first and won the championship. This championship is not only Buescher’s first but Turner Motorsports first.

Turner Motorsports was one of the rare teams to build and build and build during the economic troubles our country and sport was having. Owner of Turner Motorsports, Steve Turner, keep on improving and he has finally won his first championship Friday in Homestead-Miami. Turner Motorsports is a company filled with great, hard working people and they deserve to finally have a championship.

James Buescher had one heck of a season. He won the most races (4) out of all the drivers competing in the series and he is one of the few drivers to win a championship in the same season he won his first race. Buescher remained consistent all season and he stepped it up in the final few races to win the championship. Buescher could now be called one of the best truck drivers and he is ready to take on a full-time ride in the Nationwide Series.

Coming into to 2012, Buescher was one of the favorites mainly because he had finished second in last year’s points standings and because he was the driver that was always on the verge of his first win, week in and week out. When the right pieces began fitting the puzzle this year, Buescher started winning and the winning led to his first championship.

Buescher became known as the “Mile and a Half dominator” this season after he won all four of his wins on mile and a half tracks. Buescher won his first race at Kansas in April, and then he went on to win at Kentucky in June, Chicagoland in July and Kentucky in September. Buescher dominated the mile and a half tracks to say the least and with the plethora of mile and a half tracks in NASCAR, Buescher is guaranteed to have some more success.

Many drivers will never be able to say they were a NASCAR champion but James Buescher changed that for himself by winning his first NASCAR championship Friday Night. Greg Biffle is one notable driver who had success in the Truck Series and then became a top-notch competitor in the Cup Series and James Buescher could be the next driver to do the same. This championship will only do Buescher good and James Buescher is heading down the path to becoming one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR. Buescher is only 22 and he now has a whole career ahead of him that promises to be successful, very successful. More championships are in store for Buescher and once he’s holding up his second championship trophy, many people will also believe he’s one of the greatest drivers we have seen in NASCAR.


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