2013 Truck Schedule Released with New Tracks Including Eldora

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During a conference call in Las Vegas Wednesday, NASCAR officially released the 2013 Camping World Truck Series Schedule. Some of the rumored tracks prior to the announcement were not included but some of the biggest rumored tracks were on the schedule including Eldora Speedway. With Eldora included on the schedule, the Trucks will be hitting the dirt. 2013 will be the first year since 1970 that a NASCAR sanctioned race will be run on dirt. The 2013 Truck Series schedule does include Rockingham once again and Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. 2013 is already being highly anticipated for the Truck Series with the new crop of races on the schedule.

Dirt track racing fans should be hyped up for the first ever Truck Series race on dirt. Eldora Speedway is in Rossburg, Ohio and owned by Tony Stewart. The track holds dirt races throughout the summer including the Prelude to the Dream which often includes big name NASCAR drivers. However, with the truck’s coming next summer, the Prelude won’t be held. NASCAR conducted a test at Eldora back in September and Tony Stewart and Austin Dillon took to the track to test out the surface. Here is a YouTube video courtesy of Eldora Speedway of the September test http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V7GJdn9rZE.

Safety is one major concern at Eldora. This will be the only oval track on the Truck Series schedule that doesn’t have SAFER barriers. NASCAR concluded before announcing this that the track would be safe enough to race on. However, Eldora Speedway does intend to make a few changes prior to the race to improve safety.

An interesting twist to the race on Wednesday July 24, 2013 at Eldora could be heat races. Heat races are used in many dirt track races around the country and there is a possibility they could be used in the Truck race at Eldora. The goal of heat races would be to keep the amount of trucks on the track at one time down as well as to create that dirt racin’ feel. More information regarding the set-up of the race will be announced at a later date. Track owner Tony Stewart commented on the race by saying “I think it’s going to be a very historic day for NASCAR” and when the truck’s set their tires on the track for the first time next July, it will be historic.

Other notable changes to the 2013 Truck Series Schedule include a road course race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Canada and some races off the schedule including Atlanta, Chicagoland and Kentucky. The Truck Series will be turning left and right in Canada for a road course race in early September. The road course race will be the first for the trucks in years. The race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park will take place on September 1, 2013, replacing the Atlanta date on the schedule.

Both Chicagoland and Kentucky will only feature one Truck Race in 2013. Kentucky lost a September date for the Trucks and Chicagoland lost a July date. The only truck race at Chicagoland will take place in September which is also a change from 2012. Kentucky Speedway will keep their June date for the trucks in 2013 but will lose their September date. After a successful return to Rockingham in 2012, the trucks will return to “The Rock” in 2013. Below, you can find a complete schedule for the Truck Series in 2013.

With the new-look 2013 Truck Series schedule, every race will be exciting. The Eldora race will be one of the most anticipated races in year’s for the Truck Series. With now less than three months until Daytona, expect more announcements regarding the Truck Series in 2013 to come in. From dirt track racing to right and left turns, the 2013 Truck Series season is sure to be one incredible and action packed season.

Complete Truck Series Schedule for 2013

Feb.22 Daytona

Apr. 6 Martinsville

Apr. 14 Rockingham

Apr. 20 Kansas

May 17 Charlotte

May 31 Dover

Jun. 7 Texas

Jun. 27 Kentucky

Jul. 13 Iowa

Jul. 24 Eldora

Aug. 3 Pocono

Aug. 17 Michigan

Aug. 21 Bristol

Sept. 1 Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Sept. 8 Iowa

Sept. 13 Chicagoland

Sep. 28 Las Vegas

Oct. 19 Talladega

Oct. 26 Martinsville

Nov. 1 Texas

Nov. 8 Phoenix

Nov. 15 Homestead-Miami


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