Kyle Busch Voted Fan Favorite Driver

Photo- Getty Images
Photo- Getty Images

After weeks, of polls and voting. The fans have spoken. Kyle Busch is the Turn 4 Racing Fan Favorite Driver. Many will be surprised that Busch beat out Brad Keselowski in the final poll of the tournament but Busch’s most dedicated fans made sure their driver took home the title of the fan favorite driver. The tournament was very interesting and fun, so expect it back next off-season. I appreciate all your interaction with the site, especially on our one year anniversary! Thank you fans!

Upon request, I will post the bracket from the tournament. To keep the clutterΒ on the site to a low, I deleted the polls so the site looks better and is less jumbled. Here is the bracket from the tournament!

bracket mdp tourney


4 thoughts on “Kyle Busch Voted Fan Favorite Driver

  1. Did not know about this, but I do now, he is my favorite driver and has my vote, although late, but now that I know about this site won’t miss it again

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