Year in Review: Reflecting Back on the Best Articles from 2012

nascar_logo_psoq2012 was the first year for Turn 4 Racing News and it was a great year. In part one of year in review, I have listed links below of some of the most popular articles from 2012. These articles were viewed the most and created the most noise. I hope you enjoy reflecting back on 2012 in the NASCAR world with these articles.

Meeting My Idols (Written in September)

Interview with Krishtian Buescher: Krishtian Buescher- Living in a Racing World (Written in June)

Just Another Track: Why Bristol May Now Fall Into That Category (Written in March, following the Spring Bristol Race)

Interview with Rutledge Wood: Rutledge Wood Gives Insight to his Incredible Job (Written in October)

Fan Proposal of the Perfect Chase (Written in July)

The Bristol Experience: Still the Best in NASCAR (Written in August following my trip to Bristol for the August races)


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