What’s To Come in 2013

A new year is upon us. 2013 has so much potential to be a great year. NASCAR in 2013 is expected to be the best in years. A new car, new driver lineups and an even playing field will add to the excitement of 2013. 2013 will be great, really great.

As the first year of Turn 4 Racing News closed, I want to thank you, the readers, for getting us to 25,000 views in our first year in business. What we have in store for 2013, will hopefully bring in new readers and keep our current readers happy!

A fan favorite from last year, will return again this year and that is our race picks. Many of you showed interest in the race picks and some even would tweet me their race picks. The format of the race picks will remain the same in 2013 and Tyson, Caleb and myself will return to give our race picks. Here is the addition to our race picks in 2013. We will be picking races for all three series (Cup, Nationwide and Truck). Also, we will have three new race pickers. One of them is Alanis, who currently writes for the site. Garrett will also be picking the races, he writes for his own blog (racingtothecheckered.blogspot.com). The third new race picker will be a fan.  

Each race weekend, I will announce in the Sprint Cup Preview how a fan could be added to our race picking team for that race weekend. To determine which fan will be our fan race picker, I will hold a retweet contest on our twitter page (twitter.com/turn4racingnews). This will be a great opportunity to integrate the fans into our site. Look for the first chance to be included in our Race Picks in the Daytona Shootout preview.

So whose material will be featured on Turn 4 Racing News in 2013? Well, I will be the main writer for the site. I will be doing race recaps, preview’s, interviews, starting lineups, news articles and creative pieces. Once the season gets rolling look for something new on the site every day. The other writer for Turn 4 Racing News in 2013 will be Alanis King. Alanis wrote for us last season and she will be continuing to do so in 2013.

One of the new features that will be up on Turn 4 Racing News in 2013 will be a “Fan Questions” article. In that article I will be answering any NASCAR questions you, the fans, have. I will ask for questions over twitter and facebook but it you ever have questions about anything, please feel free to comment on any of the articles.

One of the many neat features of wordpress (our blogging platform) is the ability to group similar articles into tags. Starting in 2013, every article will be categorized into different tags. You can find out what tags each article was included in at the bottom of the article. Once the season gets rolling, if you click on a tag on the bottom of the artice, you’ll likely have a page full of similar articles pull up. The goal of the tags is to help the readers of the site, easily navigate to find articles they want to read. Hopefully the tags help you better find what you want to read on the site.

With the 2013 NASCAR season getting ready to roll, Turn 4 Racing News will pick up the pace and start to produce much more content. In 2013, Turn 4 Racing News will continue to build on what we had last year and add much more. Look for much more articles and interviews to keep you informed on what is happening in the NASCAR World. I hope 2013 will be a happy and safe year for you all and please continue to visit the site.

Thank you for your continued support,

Jason Schultz


One thought on “What’s To Come in 2013

  1. Excellent Idea, look forward to it. We’ll just have to have a sneak peak at pre-season thunder @ Daytona Feb.10-12 to see how the new generation 6 Nas`Car will react and how the driver’s handle the change for good or bad. But the way I see it, the new car’s look to fast and furious to fail! Best wishes for everyone in the 2013 Nascar Season.

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