Inside the Garage: A New Column Coming This Season

You hear rumors circulating around the NASCAR garage all the time but you only hear the rumor once and never hear more of it. Wouldn’t you want to follow the rumor and hear more of it? Well this season you’ll have the opportunity to do so. I will be writing a weekly column about a certain rumor I hear circulating around the garage. It could be as simple as a driver going to a new team next year or as complicated as a cheating scandal. Whatever the rumor is, you’ll read about it here this upcoming season.

Be on the lookout each race weekend for the newest edition of Inside the Garage. Whatever rumor happens to be circulating around the garage area, you’ll be able to read about it more in depth here. Every edition of Inside the Garage you will hear a rumor and it could or could not be true.

Once Daytona arrives, the first edition of Inside the Garage will be out and you can hear about whatever rumor happens to be spreading through the garage area. Your interest and feedback on the rumor is key for this column to become the best it can be. If you ever hear a rumor you would like included in the column, please tweet it to me (@Nascar_Jason_) and you could see the rumor featured in the weekly column. Get ready fans, this column could bring more intensity and emotion than ever before. Inside the Garage will be coming soon.

By Jason Schultz


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