Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing Looks for Rebound Season

Photo- Getty Images
Photo- Getty Images

Out of all the teams in the Sprint Cup Series, the economic problems around the year 2008 affected Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing the most. EGR didn’t even exist before the economic problems. But, when worse came to worse, Dale Earnhardt Inc. and Chip Ganassi Racing combined to create Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing. The success that each team had before the combination doesn’t exist today. With 2010 being the high year for the team, they haven’t been too talked about since that winning season in 2010. That’s something EGR hopes to change in 2013.

Jamie McMurray

The dream year McMurray had in 2010 has basically been the most single-season success McMurray or EGR have had. 2011 was a forgettable year for EGR and 2012 was even worse. What will come in 2013? A fresh start and endless possibilities of success for the No.1 team. McMurray will be looking for more of what he had in 2010. If he does repeat the success he had in 2010 he may visit victory lane at Daytona, Indianapolis and Charlotte. Three of the best tracks on the circuit.

2013 will be a huge telling year for McMurray; if he has success and wins a few races, he’ll be right back on the list of the best Cup drivers. If he doesn’t perform well in 2013, he will continue to get no attention because of his lack of success. If McMurray can win a few races and make the Chase, the last few awful years may be forgotten. That’s a big IF. McMurray’s Cup career may depend on his success he has in 2013.

My Prediction- McMurray has a decent season, better than the last few he has had. No Chase will be on the horizon for McMurray because the consistency and good finishes still won’t show up. McMurray may win a race or two but it will be a shock. The best shot McMurray has at success will be at Daytona, where he will try to re-live the success he had in 2010.

Juan Pablo Montoya

Last year started out with a bang for Montoya, literally. Not a good bang but a bang that had a long lasting effect on how fans and media view Montoya’s NASCAR career. In 2013, the Jet Dryer incident will be left in the past and Montoya will try to revive his NASCAR career. Montoya has never had a super successful year in the Cup Series but, each new season opens the door to new possibilities. Montoya could basically restart his career in the way he races with the new Gen 6 car this season and if he can sort of do that, success could open up to the No.42 team in 2013.

My Prediction- Montoya’s career will only get worse in 2013 and he will have another disappointing season. No wins or even a shot at the Chase will bring Montoya down and he may be out at EGR sometime soon. How long will Montoya stay in NASCAR? I believe it won’t be for much longer after this season.

A rebound year is what EGR needs and their new partnership with Hendrick Motorsports could bring that. New engines that have been successful in the past could bring success at EGR. Jamie McMurray has a great chance to increase his driver rating this year by going out and winning. Montoya will need to step-it-up big time in 2013 if he wants to stay competitive. This season for EGR is currently surrounded by questions but pretty soon, we should know whether EGR will back on the map or not.

By Jason Schultz


One thought on “Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing Looks for Rebound Season

  1. Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing can be a winning team, with just the right improvements. I miss these teams when they were just Dale Earnhardt Inc. and Chip Ganassi Racing. Now, Chip Ganassi just comes in and ruines it all. Dale Earnhardt Inc. was one of the teams to beat when Dale Earnhardt Jr. was there. I bet anything, if Dale Earnhardt were still here. Dale Earnhardt Jr would still be there, Michael Waltrip Racing would be a Chevrolet team with Earnhardt-Childress Power, and Kevin Harvick would be in the No.30 Chevy….(that is the car Harvick was going to drive in 2001 part time.) Now, the team just ain’t what it use to now….

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