Inside the Garage: Dillon Cup Bound in 2014

Photo- Getty Images
Photo- Getty Images

Disclaimer: This is just a rumor discussed in the article below, none of it is official but, it could happen.

It’s been no secret that Richard Childress has big plans for his grandson, Austin Dillon. Childress is doing all he can to get Dillon to the Cup Series as quick as possible. 2014 may be the year when Dillon enters the Cup Series. You may hear Dillon and Childress say that it depends on what Dillon accomplishes in the Nationwide Series this season but, the plan has been for Dillon to race in Cup starting in 2014 and I don’t believe they’ll change that plan.

Dillon has had tremendous success in NASCAR so far and he will only get better. Dillon finished third in the points in his first year in the Nationwide Series last season and in 2013, he can only improve on that. More wins are likely in the making for Dillon this season. No matter what Dillon does in the Nationwide Series this season, he will be running in the Cup Series in 2014.

It has been noted that Dillon may have not have gotten where he is now, if it wasn’t for his name. If he hadn’t been put in an RCR powered ride, would Dillon still be where he is today? Dillon has proven he has talent but, the talent level he has demonstrated is in a great RCR ride. If he was running for an underfunded team, would he still be bound for the Cup Series in 2014? I don’t believe so and that goes to prove that, his name may have gotten him to where he is at today.

The plan may fall into place for 2014 when Austin Dillon is driving full-time in the Cup Series. It won’t matter what Dillon accomplishes this year because Dillon and grandfather will stick to their plan. Money may buy success but, Dillon has proven he is talented and he should rely on his talent rather than his success. Dillon is definitely a future Cup star but, he needs to base the stardom off of his talent rather than his grandfather’s money. Expect Dillon to be in the Cup Series full-time by the time we roll into Daytona in 2014.

By Jason Schultz


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