Bristol Brings Out the Best in NASCAR

Photo- Getty Images
Photo- Getty Images

Bumper-to-bumper racing, beating and banging, and hot tempers can all be found during a race at the Bristol Motor Speedway. Those aspects are what make Bristol special and they are some of the best and most classic characteristics in racing. Race fans fell in love with the sport by watching short track racing which is some of the most exciting racing in the world. Drivers don’t play nice at short tracks and by them doing that, the excitement level of those races increases. The classic short-track racing will be on display this weekend at Bristol and the races will feature the best of NASCAR.

Single-lane racing is synonymous with short tracks. When the racing groove is smaller, it’s harder to pass the driver ahead of you so; drivers have to come up with unique ways to make passes. The famous way to make a pass at Bristol is the “bump and run” and that technique is what makes the racing exciting. Almost every driver will make that move during the race and it can get controversial. Tempers flare when drivers bump a guy out of the way and that leads to confrontation following the race. Pure excitement just tags along with classic short-track racing and those are just a few examples of how short-track racing puts on display the best racing in all of NASCAR.

When a track is only half of a mile long like Bristol is, the cars tend to stream out in a single-file line along the groove of the track. That is what creates the bumper-to-bumper racing since the cars are usually lined up bumper-to-bumper. You have to be daring to make a pass when the cars are streamed out in a single file line because, there’s only one way to do so: move the car ahead out of your way. Doing that creates the most exhilarating racing and it also could feature some pay-back later in the race. Fans love Bristol for the short-track racing feel the track offers and when sheet-metal is torn up after the race, the fans will leave happily because, they know they just witnessed a great race.

Fans flock in from all-over the world to watch a race at the Bristol Motor Speedway. Why do they do that? They do that because; we see the best racing in NASCAR at Bristol and Bristol often offers the most exciting racing. When the cars are beating and banging around a half-mile track, enthusiasm just fills the air. The racing environment at Bristol is indescribable. There’s no place besides Bristol that any fan would want to be when the cars are maneuvering their way around the World’s Fastest Half-Mile. The way of racing at Bristol is the best in NASCAR and it always is thrilling to watch.

Every race fan on earth would have to admit that short-track racing often is the most electrifying racing in the world. The thought of a race at Bristol brings smiles to people’s faces because, of that short-track racing feel. Bumper-to-bumper action and hot tempers are what make short-track racing a fan favorite event and when short-track racing occurs at Bristol; NASCAR is at its best. Short-track racing is where NASCAR’s roots happen to lie. It is what brought millions of fans to our sport and it’s also the reason why millions of fans still make our sport run today. The racing at Bristol this weekend will be simply amazing and it will be the best of NASCAR so far this season. Get ready to witness greatness because, the best of NASCAR has arrived this weekend at Bristol.

By Jason Schultz


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