Inside the Garage: Kurt Busch is Blazing a Whole New Path

Photo- Getty Images
Photo- Getty Images

When Kurt Busch left Penske Racing after the 2011 season, his whole career changed. At the time, his career had only been going down. Blowups on the radio and rants in his interviews only gave his reputation a negative impact. That impact will follow him throughout the rest of his career, but he is doing all he can to make sure that’s not only what he’s remembered for. The opportunity that presented itself with Furniture Row Racing this season has allowed Busch to show the past champion’s side of himself again. By doing so, he is turning heads and making new friendships as he begins to write the second part of his racing career.

The start to the season he has had is simply incredible. He has been doing all he can in each and every race to build his reputation back up. By winning poles, running up front, and leading laps, he is presenting himself in the best way possible. Showing how good of a driver he can be is exactly what he needs to do to progress his career on word and make the dark ending of his tenure with Penske Racing fade away.

Teams are always on the lookout for their next big star. They’ll look for who is running up front and competing for the win week in and week out. Busch hopes to move on from Furniture Row Racing in the coming years and to do so; he’ll need to be doing exactly what he’s doing now. He has driven for some of the bigger teams in the Cup Series already in Penske Racing and Roush-Fenway Racing, but there are still more teams out there that would love to add a past champion to their lineup. Busch has the opportunity to become one of the most wanted free-agents again after this season and all he needs to do is succeed.

Success has come at sporadic times for Busch. The time around his championship in 2004 were some of his best epochs and as time progressed between then and a few years ago, his sensation has faded. When he opened up the next part of his career last year with James Finch, he basically admitted that he had reached the lowest of lows and he was ready to progress back up the ladder of success. By doing that, he has only increased the chance of triumph for himself down the road. If he hadn’t done that, he would have likely been tossed out of the Cup Series and really had to find something else to do.

Being only eleven races into the season, Busch has plenty of time to continue his progression of accomplishments. Working on running up front now is key to his ability to once again win races. Teaching himself how to do this all again is tough, but it will be worth it when one of the bigger organizations call up and ask Busch to join their team.

The second part of Busch’s career has gotten off to a great start and it is only going to get better. He doesn’t realize that he is currently blazing a whole new path for himself. He likely won’t come to the realization of it for many years, but when he does, he’ll look back and smile at the accomplishment he achieved of putting a new reputation behind the name Kurt Busch. The whole world is watching the new Kurt Busch make a new name for himself as he continues to climb back up the success ladder. It won’t be long before he is once again competing for the championship and don’t be surprised if that time is soon. This new trail Busch is on is looking to be a thriving one and it can only lead to better things down the road.

By Jason Schultz

2 thoughts on “Inside the Garage: Kurt Busch is Blazing a Whole New Path

  1. Dont look past this year, he still has a few tracks that he could easily win. I look forward to both road course, pocono, daytona, bristol, richmond and michigan. He wins one maybe 2 and kurt is in the chase. I went to talladega and was so close to that win. Oh and someone needs to open a souvenir trailer up cause i got lucky and found 1 hat and shirt lol

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