Trackside Duo: Ranting About Indy, the Schedule, and More

Photo- Getty Images
Photo- Getty Images

Voicing your opinion on social media nowadays isn’t the easiest thing to do. Others with the exact opposite opinion will do everything to make sure they strike down yours. Fans have certain things they don’t like about what’s going on in the racing world – whether its the race tracks or the races themselves, fans always have something to say.

In a special post this week, the Trackside Duo voices their opinions on some of the things that they’re not a fan of in the garage. Read and see whether you agree with the Duo in their rants.

Alanis’ Rants:

1. The topic of Nationwide racing at Indianapolis has been beaten like a dead horse, but I have to put in my two cents as well. Before the move to IMS as the creation of the Super weekend, seeing the Camping World Trucks and Nationwide race at Lucas Oil Raceway was on my bucket list. The racing at LOR is fantastic, and Nationwide at IMS just doesn’t feel right; that privilege should be reserved for the top series only. Plus, seeing stock cars at IMS two days in a row just isn’t my preference – let’s take Nationwide back to the short track.

2. After Eldora, tons of people began petitioning for more truck races to be on short tracks and dirt tracks in the future, but that’s just not practical unless Cup does the same. Keep in mind that the CWTS is a developmental series on the way up to Cup, and the majority of the time, CWTS drivers need to be on tracks that are similar to Cup tracks.

3. One thing that has really irked my nerves the entire season is the fact that the CWTS schedule lost three races going into this year. The schedule went from 25 races to 22, and with all the gaps and off weekends, it’s incredibly hard to follow the championship battles and recall the drama that occurred during the previous races. Whatever the reason was for cutting the schedule and dispersing the races like they have been, I certainly don’t agree with it.

Jason’s Rants:

1. Road course races are one of the most popular forms of racing. Especially in the last few seasons, the races at Sonoma and Watkins Glen have been among the best in the season. That brings me to ask NASCAR: why we don’t have more of them? One thing NASCAR hasn’t been good at doing is listening to the fans about potentially adding more road courses to the schedule. Eventually, they’ll have to realize it would be in NASCAR’s best interest to add more road courses for the Cup Series. Fans would be on board, so it should be only a matter of time before the governing body jumps on the road course train as well.

2. A topic that comes up multiple times a season is the idea of shortening races. The facts behind the idea make sense, but fans are being brainwashed with the facts. Shortening the races means less racing. Who wants less racing? I don’t get why some fans back this since at the end of the day, they will miss out on racing action. Every off season they’re complaining of not having racing, but once the season comes, they’re on board for decreasing the length of the races they want more of. It puzzles me why anyone would want less. If anything, fans should be wanting more. As the saying goes, the more the merrier!

3. Something that sends me over the edge each July is the race at Indianapolis. Media, fans, and drivers praise this race like its the Daytona 500. Well guess what, its not. This race is no more special than the Bristol Night Race. Sure, its on a historical track, but other than that and  the ending of the race, what attraction does this race bring? Watching cars parade around the track is no fun. You can see that outside your house. Indy shouldn’t be hyped up with all these expectations each year to only disappoint the fans. Some are blind to the fact that this has been happening for years, just now are we seeing the race for what it actually is: a snooze fest.

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