James Buescher Grabs Lead Late to Win at Michigan

Photo- Getty Images
Photo- Getty Images

A late race turn of events led James Buescher to victory lane Saturday afternoon at Michigan. With four laps to go, Kyle Busch had the lead, but when he slipped up the track, Buescher cruised through to the lead. This is his first win of the season and his first since winning the championship in 2012.

You wouldn’t be able to find Buescher up front until the end of the race since that pass he made with 4 laps to go gave him his first taste of the lead. Buescher’s teammate Jeb Burton had the strong truck early, but he faded as the laps clicked off.

Kyle Busch had the strongest truck of the day and he proved that when he took the lead on lap 33. He and Burton battled for it for a numerous amount of laps. Busch eventually claimed the lead for awhile on lap 45.

The next battle for the lead came after a restart when Miguel Paludo was out front and Busch had to yet again chase down the top spot. After a few restarts, he was able to do so and he took his final lead of the day with 22 laps to go.

One more yellow flag stacked the tough truckers up and that lead to a gaggle of trucks going after the win. When Busch slid up the track late in the going, Buescher followed him up as the leader. That was the last lead change of the afternoon putting Buescher back in victory lane.

It was a sweet victory for the new father and it was one that could put his season back on track. Defending his title won’t come easy with the stiff competition, but look for Buescher to be right in the middle of the championship battle.

By Jason Schultz


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