Austin Dillon Continues Climb Up the NASCAR Ladder

Photo- Getty Images
Photo- Getty Images

Slow and steady wins the race. Austin Dillon has been slowly and steadily climbing NASCAR’s ranks over the past four years. He isn’t being rushed or forced into anything; he’s progressing and moving forward at a constant, but rewarding rate. Dillon hasn’t been put in any situation he isn’t ready for and that may allow him to be more successful down the road. This Nationwide Series championship shows that Dillon is ready for that next step. He has been preparing and his success shows he’s ready.

Two years ago, talk of Dillon’s first Camping World Truck Series championship filled NASCAR. Dillon competed in two season’s of truck action. The first was meant for learning. Dillon demonstrated his knowledge by winning the championship in the second. Following this success, Dillon embarked on the Nationwide Series where a similar path was to be followed.

2012 was another growing year for Dillon. His first full-time experience in the Nationwide Series required some getting used to, but he was able to pick up the pace quickly. That allowed Dillon to prepare for another potential championship winning year in 2013. He wasn’t necessarily demonstrating his prowess throughout the year, but he played the consistent card to aid in his title run. His consistency put him in position to take the championship in his second full-time Nationwide Series season.

Compared to other drivers making the jump from Nationwide to Cup, Dillon has the potential to fare better due to the valuable experience he has gained. With his move to Cup being everything but a secret, expect Dillon to be a rather successful rookie. He knows what goes into being a successful driver. That information is hard to come by and with it, Dillon may do great things.

Positions are everything in NASCAR. The better the position, the more successful the driver. Austin Dillon has been put in some of the best positions over the years. He was driven to succeed and he did just that. This Nationwide Series championship may not have been the smoothest, but the crown is now his.

Dillon’s next step is the Sprint Cup Series. He’s prepared, focused, and ready to take on the demands Cup racing offers. Finding a driver with those qualities is hard to come by which proves just how ready Dillon is for the next step.


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