Dirty Mo Radio Makes Appearance as Sponsor on JR Motorsports Car in Charlotte

charlotte_nns_p2_alexIt’s always neat to see new sponsors break into the sport of NASCAR. Whether it’s a food chain, clothing retailer, or an internet product – fans tend to be very supportive of the company. While the sponsor for Alex Bowman’s JR Motorsports (JRM) debut isn’t technically new to the sport, it’s bringing in a new type of sponsorship – podcasting.

Through social media, many fans and NASCAR industry leaders have heard about Dirty Mo Radio (DMR). It’s the podcast station developed by NASCAR Nationwide Series team JRM. For fans of the team and Dale Earnhardt Jr., it’s the place for limitless information and insight.

JRM Director of Communications Mike Davis spearheads the station and is one of personalities found on a couple of their four podcasts. Currently, the station features The Monday Recap, The Dale Jr. Download, Kelly Earnhardt-Miller’s Fast Lane Family, and JRM 360: The Podcast.

On the “Monday Recap,” DMR producer Amanda Trautman (@altrautman) updates you on all the events concerning JRM teams and Dale Earnhardt Jr. from over the weekend. These short, concise listens are the perfect way for fans that missed out on the racing action to quickly catch up on all that went down.

The “Dale Jr. Download” follows on Tuesday, and provides fans with insight and analysis on Earnhardt Jr.’s run from the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. Fans are able to hear about the entire weekend from those who know the Most Popular Driver best, which often includes amusing stories from the road.

Radio personality Taylor Zarzour (@TaylorZRadio) steers the ship and makes an excellent host while Davis adds valuable knowledge to the program. Spotter T.J Majors (@Tjmajors) for the No. 88 Diet Mountain Dew Chevrolet team often joins the roundtable to give his observations – providing yet another insider to dissect the weekend.

One neat thing about the Download is that Earnhardt Jr. will record a few minutes of audio exclusively for the show with his take on his performance. This is always an interesting listen and often involves his animals making noise and causing some ruckus in the background.

Fans are invited to participate in the program by leaving voicemail messages to be played during “Reaction Theatre” which features fans positive and not so positive thoughts on the team’s run. To leave a message, call 1-855-740-1902.

JRM co-owner Kelley Earnhardt-Miller (@EarnhardtKelley) has her time to shine on Wednesday’s when “Fast Lane Family” is uploaded to the station. This has become one of the most popular shows due to the incredible stories that are shared.

Earnhardt-Miller invites a guest to join her each week to discuss their spot in the sport. Guests have included Amy Reimann (Earnhardt Jr.’s girlfriend), Larry McReynolds, Dave Moody, Kenny Wallace, along with her brother.

There is also an opportunity for fans to play a part in this show by sending in “#AskKelley” questions to be answered at the end of each recording. They can be submitted via twitter using the hashtag or on Earnhardt-Miller’s Facebook page.

To close out the week, JRM employee’s host “JRM 360: The Podcast.” This corresponds with the popular weekly “JRM 360” video installments the team produces. While this typically features more goofiness than factual information, it’s a fun listen. This team is one of the most open in the sport and hearing about what goes on in the hallways often makes you wonder how they can have so much fun while running such a successful organization.

No matter which podcast, DMR has everything a race fan wants to listen to. I found the station at the beginning of the season and have yet to miss a show. By tuning-in, you feel connected to the team and privileged to encounter the kind of insight they generate.

If you’re interested to hear what this is all about, search “Dirty Mo Radio” on iTunes or go to DaleJr.com and click on the “Dirty Mo Radio” logo to take a listen. You also have the option to see the shows recorded in person by visiting the JRM shop during the week and seeing if the studio located in the fan store is busy.

Be sure to follow @DirtyMoRadio on twitter to stay up to date with this new, unique radio platform.



Photo Credit: Brian Lawdermilk

DMR Logo via DaleJr.com


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