The 2015 Revival

twitt4logoAfter surviving the seemingly long two plus months without racing, NASCAR is back. Teams are packing up to head to Daytona International Speedway in less than two weeks for more exciting racing during SpeedWeeks. As everyone in the industry makes their final preparations for another successful year, I wanted to unveil my 2015 plans for

Following producing limited content last year, I have prepared for a full revival during the new season. My goal is to bring as much excitement in my coverage as fans will find on the track throughout the ten-month schedule.

In addition to the new site design you are currently viewing, there will be many new features posted throughout the year.

Infographs Galore!

One of the easiest ways to spread information in modern time is through the use of infographs. In addition to the returning “Weekly Racing Schedule,” I will put out a plethora of others this season.

“Race Weekend Follows” will be your source for all the ways to follow the action on a particular weekend of action. From the best twitter accounts, official hashtags, and track personnel – this list will help you find the best hubs of data each weekend.

“Race Rev Up” will provide every bit of information regarding that day’s race. From the starting lineup to weekend storylines, you will be fully informed prior to green flag time.

Recently added to the lineup, “Storyline Notebook” will be your short, concise recap of all the week’s biggest news stories. You won’t miss a beat in the NASCAR world by reading this each week.


In an attempt to help race fans more easily find information, each race weekend will now have its own hashtag. This will help fans find interesting stories, news bits, tweets, and more in one central location.

Prior to race weekend, be on the lookout for a tweet and post containing  that weekend’s hashtag and check the hashtag page often to find the best information for that particular race weekend.

Story of the Season

By the time November rolls around, I find it difficult to remember all the different events that led up to the season finale. While its easy to remember the major storylines, we often forget the small details that played a major role.

The page titled “Season Story” will be the place where I document each race weekend. In a small recap, I will highlight the major happenings and discuss anything that seemed interesting. The stories will accumulate on this page throughout the season, so anytime you would like to look back and check for something that happened in March or at any other point in the year, you will be able to do so.

When Miami rolls around this year, we will all have a reference to remind us how the season’s twists and turns led us to this point. Check back weekly for the updated “Story of the Season.”

My Adventures

Each year, I am fortunate enough to travel to select NASCAR events. I enjoy documenting my travels with posts and pictures, however, after a while the stories gets lost among others. To better highlight them, I’ve established a new page titled “My Adventures” where after different expeditions, I will post to the page with stories and pictures.

The first use of the page will come shortly, so be on the lookout for an announcement in the coming days.

Weekly Newsletter

Another new feature for 2015 will be a weekly newsletter coming out at the beginning of each week to recap the weekend’s events, update the standings, and provide additional information.

Additional details will come out with the first edition in late February.

Paint Scheme Report

A returning fixture from the end of the 2014 season, the “Paint Scheme Report” will embark on its first full-season of commenting on the colors that race around the track. Each week, the best and worst paint schemes that show up at the track will be ranked.

The pictures used will solely be from social media, continuing its original caption of being a “social media driven report.” As the season starts up, there will be plenty to talk about as new looks take to the track.

The NASCAR Conversation

The last few seasons have produced more action, drama, and storylines than ever before. This has led to an increase in conversation among race fans as there is always plenty to discuss about each week’s events.

This year, I’ll share my opinions on the various rumors, hot topics, and more in “The NASCAR Conversation.” Each week, a new post will have plenty of discussion points on top of all the excitement each race weekend produces.

Anticipation continues to grow for the upcoming season as Daytona approaches. After seeing the fantastic racing last year produced, it should have everyone stoked for what lies ahead in 2015. I hope you check back daily to see my content and check out all the current happenings around the sport.

Here’s to another great NASCAR season!


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