New Adventures in North Carolina

IMG_3456August 17th, 2016 marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I will leave home and head south to start college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

This life milestone comes following years of passionate work, an unrelenting commitment to excellence, and always remaining focused on the future.

I set out nearly five years ago on the path towards my dreams when I created this site. My goal then was to write articles about NASCAR, hoping it would lead to an eventual career in the sport that I am passionate about. Continue reading “New Adventures in North Carolina”


What’s Ahead in 2016


GEICO 500As the engines sit quiet in race shops and the high banks of Daytona International Speedway await the return of the thunderous pack of cars, final preparations are made for the 2016 season.

The upcoming year has the potential to be the most thrilling and intense season NASCAR has seen in quite some time. Through the implementation of the low-downforce package, abundance of rookie contenders and the third year of the new Chase for the Sprint Cup format; 2016 has the making to be epic.

Entering my twelfth year as a fan, I have never been more excited for the season to come. Why? It comes from a combination of the factors described above and knowing NASCAR is in a great position as the energy that once defined the sport returns. Continue reading “What’s Ahead in 2016”

Off to New Hampshire

It’s finally here! Race weekend at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway and I’ll be heading out to attend my first race of the season. I won’t have anything published this weekend so if you need some info on the races, go check out for all the latest news from the track. When I return after the race, I’ll definitely have some track stories to share with everyone! For anyone attending the race this weekend, if you see me at the track, don’t be afraid to say hi! I would love to chat or take a picture or anything else you want to do! I’ll be there on Thursday through Sunday so if you think its me, it probably is!

See you at the track!


The Charlotte Motor Speedway: A Clash of Tradition and History Make Up This Gem

Myrtle Beach Charlotte 2 401There are 23 different tracks on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit. Throughout the 36 race season, most fans watch all the races at the different tracks on their televisions. Always dreaming of going to the track and seeing the monstrous venue for themselves. Certain tracks have uniqueness to them that makes you want to just go run around and take in the sights that track beholds. For me, that track has always been the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Continue reading “The Charlotte Motor Speedway: A Clash of Tradition and History Make Up This Gem”

It Was More Than a Chair

Myrtle Beach Charlotte 2 355It was more than just a seat. Sitting in a chair that represents so much. Dreams, hopes, and success. It was an inspiration, what I want to be and I what I could be. There are so many opportunities in front of me, but glancing at an end point of a one of them was special. Oh so special. Continue reading “It Was More Than a Chair”

The NASCAR Hall of Fame: Where You Just Don’t Read About History, You Relive It

Myrtle Beach Charlotte 2 593The story of NASCAR dates back to over 60 years. Sixty plus years of history, miracles, and magical moments. There were some elements of NASCAR that were lost as it grew. Elements of its beginning and the people, places, and things that built this sport. These important moments were never supposed to be forgotten, but they indeed vanished as time went on and the sport grew. When the NASCAR Hall of Fame opened in 2010, the ever so important steps in racing’s history were brought back to life in a remarkable way. The creators of the hall nailed their duty to retell the history of NASCAR, and they did in a way that was never thought of. They make fans aware of every little step that laid the foundation of the sport, and what continues to innovate this 200 MPH game of chess today. Continue reading “The NASCAR Hall of Fame: Where You Just Don’t Read About History, You Relive It”