Game Changer: Daytona Edition

dis_nscs_checkered_2_022116As the white flag flew over the field in Sunday’s Daytona 500, Denny Hamlin sat fourth, seemingly out of contention for the victory.

He proved to have the most dominant car in the field, leading 95 laps and remaining up front throughout the event. However, fate seemed out of his hands as the laps counted down. As he trailed his teammates and Martin Truex Jr. in the Toyota train at the front of the field, there seemed to be no moves to make. Continue reading “Game Changer: Daytona Edition”


Essence of the New Chase Format Produced the Championship 4

PIR_NSCS_Harvick_111515Everything comes down to Miami.

A season’s worth of hard work has led to this race, this moment, this opportunity.

Four drivers, one dream, one championship.

The Championship 4 have pieced together a masterful year. They have combined victory, consistency and tenacity throughout the regular season and Chase for the Sprint Cup to reach this point. As a result of their hard work and tremendous effort, they have been rewarded with the chance to chase glory in a winner-take-all finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Continue reading “Essence of the New Chase Format Produced the Championship 4”

The Road to Miami: It All Comes Down to Phoenix

TMS_110815_07By Jason Schultz /@NASCARJason – The AAA Texas 500 highlighted the importance of each race during the Chase for Sprint Cup. With the points closer than ever and only four drivers advancing to the finale, near perfection is required to be among the Championship 4.

This led to a thrilling race that tested the tenacity of the remaining eight contenders. The excitement was produced without any controversial moments, unlike the previous three races. It was clean, competitive and captivating – the perfect storm for a great race. Continue reading “The Road to Miami: It All Comes Down to Phoenix”

Kenseth’s Suspension Highlights NASCAR’s Inconsistencies

MS_110115_08By Jason Schultz / @NASCARJason – The intensity associated with the new Chase for the Sprint Cup format is incredible. With the points tighter than ever and success meaning so much more, the level of competition has reached an unparalleled level.

As a result, the on-track product is changing drastically. On the positive side, the racing in the final ten races is more fierce and competitive than ever before. This benefits the fans who are treated to a thrilling pursuit of the championship where success requires perfection.

The ability of some to rise to the occasion has resulted in controversy. With gameplay factoring into how the drivers compete throughout the playoffs, it has led to moves being made that push the limits of what is considered acceptable. Continue reading “Kenseth’s Suspension Highlights NASCAR’s Inconsistencies”

The Road to Miami: Every Point Matters

DIS_100415_03The Chase is on.

Following the Challenger Round, the excitement that made last year’s edition of the playoffs a spectacle has already emerged in the opening three races.

From the title favorite facing adversity, to some of the biggest names in the sport flirting with elimination – it was a wild start to the most thrilling portion of the schedule. Continue reading “The Road to Miami: Every Point Matters”

Electrifying Eliminations Ahead in Dover

By Jason Schultz / @NASCARJason The opening round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup has not disappointed.

It has produced drama fans only saw in the second half of the final ten races last fall. This attests to the intensity associated with the new system.

In each elimination race last season, the drama mounted as drivers fought to keep their title hopes alive. This created thrilling racing every time the field was cut. Continue reading “Electrifying Eliminations Ahead in Dover”

Chase Notes Following Chicagoland

“Chase Notes,” a new feature to for the 2015 Chase for the Sprint Cup will bring fans the major storylines following each race. It will include race statistics, a rundown of where the contenders finished, a Chase Grid update, and list of the events that impacted Chase competitors throughout the race.

Here’s this week’s edition following a wild start to the playoff’s at Chicagoland Speedway.1Chicagoland